To order with a check, either call or email your order and you will receive an invoice by mail. Payment needs to be received on all orders before the item is painted. Credit card orders can be taken over the phone if you prefer, just give us a call!

Kali's Furniture For Kids is located at:

34 Danforth Street
Suite 215
Portland, Maine 04101

Want to visit us? Here's directions!

To order by phone, call 207.761.1716
Our hours are 8:30am - 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday (EST)
Summer hours - closed Fridays.

To order by e-mail click here.

CUSTOM ORDERS: Because all of my items are hand-painted, they can be designed specifically to fit your request (a type of design, a child's name, a specific piece of furniture, etc.). Let me know if you are interested in a custom design. There will be additional charges for custom orders depending on the request. All custom first names are now free of charge!

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: MC/VISA/Discover/AMEX or checks, please. All credit card transactions are processed securely. All checks should be sent to Kali's furniture for kids, 34 Danforth Street, suite 215, Portland, ME 04101.

SALES TAX: A 5% sales tax will be added to orders that are to be bought or delivered in Maine.

SHIPPING & HANDLING: Shipping and handling will be added to the total of any order that requires it. Please keep in mind that these costs vary according to the size and weight of the order.

RETURNS: All orders are 100% guaranteed. If you find that you need to return an item, please return it with a note giving your instructions on the return. I will either refund, replace, or give credit according to your request. All shipping costs will then be reimbursed.

GIFT WRAPPING: If your item is a gift, please mention so, and I will be glad to wrap your item for an additional cost of $5 per item. All of my items come with a gift card. Gift wrapping is not available on the larger items!

WHOLESALE: Retailers please call for additional information

Additional Notes:
To ensure both durable performance and child safety, all my pieces are painted with Behr high gloss acrylic (water-based) paints, and coated with an acrylic polyurethane for added protection. While some pieces will withstand outdoor environments for brief periods, extended exposure is not recommended.

Because all furniture items are purchased unfinished through local distributors, some featured products may become unavailable. As a result, product selection may vary over time.

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Furniture for kids and children. Custom-made, handpainted furniture that brightens any child's play space. Nursery furniture that coordinates with what you have. Furnishings for babies, toddlers, kids - any child! Children love furniture that is just their size. Painted furniture that endures a child's touch! Children will love this handpainted furniture because it is specially for them. Give the most treasured gift at the baby shower - custom, handpainted children's furniture.

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